Ok I have to admit I let the ball drop. Life got in the way as it sometimes does. I do in fact have the negs ready to go. Well most of them anyway. the LF one got fogged. During one of my computer crashes I think I lost the list of those that were interested. Please email me again (no PM's please as I can't transfer the info directly into my CRM program) if you are interested.

In communicating with Mark it appears he wants to get a contact printing exchange going for ULF negs. Mine (35mm and MF) will be a seperate list but there is nothing to say people couldn't be on both. If I can get out this weekend I will do a LF neg of the same scene I shot for the 35mm and MF. To bad the light won't be exactly the same.

I will commit to having this in the mail by Friday Jul 30th. So get your names into me asap. I will contact Sean and get things set up with him like the postcard exchange.

In your email send me your real name, forum name, full mailing address, and email address that is best to contact you at. My list will be for 35mm, MF for sure and hopefully LF negs. Just enlarge the one you want to.

As I said before the intent of this is to see how each of us interpret the same negative. Each of us has their own vision, technical abilities etc and it will be neat to see the results. Once the negs go full circle then a new set can be made of a different subject and included with the finished prints from the first set. That way those at the beginning of the list can see the full results as the circle is made again.