I just shot my first TMAX 100 developed with P-HD. I did rotary processing in a JOBO for 12 minutes. The meter indicated a 5-stop contrast range in the subject. I used 1:1:100 dilution. I got a very beauitful negative with enough density range to take Azo Gr. 2 to the limits of the paper. There is a noticable stain to the negatives from the developer. They have a seipa-like color to them. The fils did come out with a magenta stain that didi not go away after extended washing in an archival washer. It added only a tiny bit of extra densith to the base density of the film, which was like .03.

In all, I am very happy with the results. But, it's an expensive film ($75 for 50sh of 5x7) and there may be more economical alternatives out there. I also shot EFKE 25 on the same day but developed it Rodinal 1:50 instead - man are they great looking negatives, too!