It is funny to learn to dublicate the chemical recipes of Polaroid. I am an archaeologist and I prefer to analyse a culture with its original methods.
If I am not wrong , they call it industrial archaeology. I want a print very similar to ansel adams prints from 60 years ago.
As you know after 200 years , there will be men who will want to learn these recipes.
We have to document them before polaroid off.
I am sorry about small format positive negative bw polaroid film. They say , it was hard to find the necessary chemicals.
Lets list :
We want same recipe Ansel Adams used.
We want same recipe with BW PN Polaroid film.
I am sure there are papers about it. I looked to us patent office and there are registered 3000 patents on polaroid. There was 3 patents on Edwin Land.
There are many patents on manufacturing special chemicals.
May be moderator can help ,

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac