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I have a couple of shots taken with a pre war Automat on my web page, just click on link below and go to classic cameras / Jan 2007.
There are certainly pre-war Automats still around in usable condition. I had one when I was a student in the 1960s and in fact took my most famous photograph (of David Bowie, see APUG gallery) with this. At the same time, I remember screwing up an assignment during this period to photograph amateur theatricals (not very bright stage lighting) because the viewfinder was so dim and I couldn't focus properly. I abandoned a Rollei T a few years ago for the same reason (great lens, but I couldn't see to focus) and thought I had had it with Rolleis, but last year I bought another T on e-bay which was alleged to have been fully serviced (and had been!). This has a nice bright finder and I hope to keep this example indefinitely. I still have a pre-war Automat as well, the taking lens looks OK and the shutter works, but the viewfinder is mighty murky!