Received picture from Doyle Thomas about two weeks ago, and (no excuses) failed to post that I had received. Pic is Pink Rodi Flowers. Doyle included a "section" of the original negative. Doyle provided information on camera, settings, print method. Matted/framed/signed. Fantastic job and pic. Thanks.

Received print from DWThomas today. As I like pics of bridges, and did my photo-essay for one of my photog classes, this was an ideal pic of an historical site. The Tunkhannock Viaduct. David was kind enough to also include information regarding the history detailing the building of the bridge. Too cool!
Oh, and he included info on the camera too....

Still have not received addresses from two others in the group.

Both images were mounted. Man, I love it!!
To echo George Papantoniou's words; Definitely need to work on my photog skills