My analog output using my own darkroom is very slowwww when it comes to color. So, I use a locally owned camera store which has a Fuji Frontier for 95% of my 35mm and medium format color enlargements. I skip the 4x6 step, which brings the C-41 processing down to the $3 range. I get my negs back uncut, cut them myself and make a contact sheet on Panalure.

Both the 5x7's and 8x10's off of the Frontier more than meet my satisfaction. To be sure, it is a different look than analog. It is almost a laser print. Color rendition can be off by quite a bit on a bad day at the lab, but the same was true in the days of analog printing. Also, on certain films, certain colors tend block on the digital prints.

I just had a look at some recent Frontier prints with a loupe and didn't notice any pixelization.

You could try another minilab.