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Good point Andre'

It is an established fact that CHLORINE reduces the strength of many chemicals, particularly those used for photographic purposes. Here in the UK, particularly London,
it is put into our drinking water whether we like it or not. But teeth are said to last longer with it!

Yup, Chlorine (the swimming pool stuff) and fluoride are commonly found in the drinking water of developed nations. The U.S. has this too, and regardless of nation, minerals are found in the water, though to different degrees. I think that North Texas, where I live, has pretty hard water (that is, high in minerals). This is noticeable when I develop film. The diafine (distilled water) is mild in color, but the water stop that comes after it (tap water) becomes dark in color within a few minutes of leaving the tank. Really amusing when you've done nothing but develop film all day.

Alright, enough typing for now, I gotta go deliver some pizzas (new job).