I'm with Francesco, too. I'm a real "newbie", but I took some pictures that I thought weren't too bad, so I matted & framed them & hung them in my kitchen. It give me great joy to see them there! I also decided to make a calendar a couple years ago. I scanned my prints, wrote some poetry, made the months & printed the sheets on heavy drawing paper. I gave them to people at Christmas, and they were asking me in July if I planned to make another one! I did & it was very well received.

Of course this is different from selling something...I think I'd have to grab the nitro if anyone actually wanted to buy something I'd done haha But it does make you feel great to know that someone else likes the things you do. We can say we do it for our own personal satisfaction, and that is true! But it is also true that we like it when others like what we do!

Gosh, most days I feel like I am not very good; don't understand what the heck I'm trying to 'say'; and a myriad of other self-doubting things. But I just try to work past it and keep plugging. So, you are not alone!