Polaroid Company gave their archives to Harvard and I sent a mail regarding correspondance between Ansel Adams and the company.
I am looking for an individual researcher who will research in the lab documents. I do not like university archives or foundation archives. Generally , there are no university staff for research and they invite you to do everything yourself. This can be seen at Rolls Royce , Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Getty Archives. Generally there are millions of microfiches and individual researchers want 50 dollars per 50 pages. I looked to polaroid company web site and there is even no e mail address of company for to ask pn 55 formula or its location in the archives.
I read these developers contains exotic chemicals .But I hope I find them at aldrich catalog.
It is very exciting to learn the comments of AA on a print If there is polaroid prints traffic between AA and polaroid. By this way , it will explain what he was thinking on a print , emulsion or developer at research and development stage. And it is interesting to read how polaroid staff reacts to these messages with chemical mixes.
Well , it will take time and money but it worths .

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac