So, as I mentioned in the Postcard exchange update, I came home to some goodies. I feel like a kid returning from Halooween going through my loot for the evening.
  • First off - George's HUGE print. Holy cow. Very ethereal image of a palatial building and fountain.
  • Then, there's Kobin's print made on his homemade 8x10 of Hernando, MS. If that car wasn't in the picture, I'd have guessed the image was over 100 years old. Just a nice image with a great write up too.
  • Finally, thanks so much to Gary Doyle Thomas who sent me a print and isn't in my group - just because! It's a nicely framed image of pink flowers up close. I was always wondering how close one can get with a pinhole camera. This image is going to inspire to give it a try this weekend.
Only a couple more prints to get and I am looking forward to them. Thank you George, Kobin and Doyle!

Regards, Art.