I was going to ask why you didn't ask him why he was in the middle of river, not making money! It's a common response... do you do weddings, you should sell them, etc... there's never a, can I buy that print! Something about photography that makes people think you should be making money out of it, or worse, they can make money out of it! My wife makes greeting cards and the 1st question is usually, is it cheap to make them.

Couple of semi-related stories...

When we were building our house I had a darkroom on the plans. When we showed the builder (husband and wife team) their response to viewing the plans went something like this... them : "what's this room" me : "a darkroom... I make B&W prints for a hobby" them : "a what?". After we'd moved in, we had them back for lunch to say thankyou (they did a good job!) and I gave them a framed print. They (esp. she) was genuinely touched. It was probably just having recieved a 'thankyou' but I'd like to think it was also the fact that it was something unique, handcrafted with care!

Our camera club has a B&W exhibition each year and it's in a bout 2 weeks time. I've been trying to select and print my prints. We can display up to 3 and I've got 5 printed to choose from. For a 3rd opinion, I bought them to work. One of the prints ( http://www.photocritique.net/g/s?zzaivn-p22181520 ) I was pleased with but didn't know how it would be percieved. AS a landscape, it's a bit arty! You can't see it in the scan but when you stick your nose on the print, you can pick out the city skyline in the distance. I had two people react similar to this pic (the other pics got the usual things like, I like this one, etc). They looked at it, didn't say anything, moved a bit closer, looked around, moved closer and whammo, uttered 'ahhhh, you can see the city' or similar. Which was why I printed it so light, to make you discover something (the city skyline is the obvious one, but there are other things when you look closely) I had other people that were still cool to it even after having the detail pointed out, but I've decided to use that image because of the reactions it got. My other two prints are going to have to do with "I like this one" reactions!

Edit : Actually, you can see the skyline in the scan if you stick your nose on the monitor