It looks like the distributor didn't ship it properly. Normally paper comes on a pallet, and is delivered by a freight service. This time they sent it FedEx Ground service, without a pallet. A box of 500 sheets weighs 125 pounds, but it can't support it's own weight.

One box was completely missing, and the inner paper wrappers were gone, scattering all 500 sheets. Footprints, tire tread marks, mysterious red streaks; a real multimedia masterpiece. They had tried to gather it up and put the paper in somewhat of a pile, but it was almost comical.

The second "box" was still partially intact, but the inner wrappers looked like they had burst when the box was dropped on it's side. None of it looked remotely salvageable. We refused the shipment, so it's FedEx's liability at this point.

Our paper distributor has already freighted us another 1000 sheets at their expense, so it's just a matter of wasted time. We were just shocked at how poorly it was shipped, considering we've never had that problem before.

The Kozo papers are selling nicely, and we're getting great feedback. Has anyone tried them out yet from the sample packs?