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Just a note to all those that helped...I have bought a number of used books of Amazon recently as recommended:

Paul Caponigro - New England Days
Wynn Bullock - Enchanted Landscape
John Sexton - Listen to the trees

and a few more on the way. Great choices and just what I was after.

Just got:

Edward Weston - Legacy (WOW!!!)
E&B Weston - Dune
Don McCullin - Africa

All great books and I am so glad I splurged on Amazon. some were cheap slightly battered used ones but at 1/4 price of new there are few excuses for not expanding ones collection! The Edward Weston - legacy is incredible and I admit to enjoying Sextons Listen to the trees more than I thought I would.

Now that I have may entire baggage limit in books, I need to get a few home before I can order more. Koudelka looks interesting and will probably be next along with (if I can find a cheap one) B Weston - Master Photographer

These books are killing my boredom but giving me too many ideas that I cannot fulfil while working abroad! It hurts....security situation here has reduced mobility a little and I dont get out like I used to. Might bring a LF camera here to make me do it!