Okay, this is officially my first time in any kind of web-chatting environment (other than e-mail of course...I'm not that analog!). Anyway, I'm a b/w enthusiast, semi-professional type from Toronto. And while I work for the forces of evil by day (I am a technical editor of digital stock photography images) I dwell in my home darkroom by night. My main interest is in b/w children's portraiture...I found this site through a link on Cheryl Jacob's site and was intrigued. I am also interested in alternative process techniques, particularly cyanotyping.

So, I'm hoping to pick the brains of people within the APUG community about b/w 35mm and possibly MF equipment and processes. I'll start with seeing if anyone has any advice about darkroom work during pregnancy. My husband and I are trying for our second child, and I have some concerns about being around chemicals while pregnant. During my last pregnancy I bought one of those Darth Vader-esque ventilation masks that painters wear, and spent very limited time in the darkroom. However I have since heard that those masks decrease the flow of oxygen to the fetus (which doesn't sound like a safe thing)...does anyone have any other recommendations for pregnancy precautions? I would definitely appreciate hearing input on the subject. I don't want to give up my darkroom for another 9 months!