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I'd like to use Pyrocat in a two step development using a Jobo processor with a 3005 Expert drum. If I normally use 800ml of developer for 14 minutes, would I need to use 2x800ml for 7 minutes each or 2x400ml for 7 minutes each?

If you can slow the rate of rotatin down to 10 RPM or less you should not need to do split development with Pyrocat-HD under any circumstances.

I would only do split development if normal development were resulting in excessive B+f. With most films this would not be the case, even with high RPM speeds.

However, if you are getting excessive B+f and are not able to slow down the rotation I would recommend dividing the 800ml of developer into two units and do 2X400 ml seven minutes each or a total of 14 minutes. This assumes that the 400 ml will be enough to provide complete coverage of all of the films being developed.

Sandy King