I've run a few rolls from a new 10-pack ordered separately, and have yet to have the gumminess recur. So I think there might be something marginal about the film I received the first time. No biggie though, I'll still use it.

I love this film... Detail down into the deep darks, highlights roll off nicely, slightly more prone to halation in high-contrast areas than Delta100. Nice, rich tonal scale. But yet nice local contrast and clear detail rendition. Wonderful! I might try a different developer than Microdol-X though: while Delta100 produces crisp superfine details, Efke 25 tends to go a little soft before the grain sets in. I think I'll try it with Rodinal or Diafine, and I have a bottle of FX-39 open. (Hmm, I wonder how Efke 25 and FX-39 combine...)