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Thanks for your help, Sandy.

The slowest speed of my processor is 26rpm; my film is TMY 8x10. I can do all my development in one step, except for N+2, which works best if I split it.

Regarding your last statement ("This assumes that the 400 ml will be enough to provide complete coverage of all of the films being developed.") - how much would that be per 8x10 sheet (using 2:2:100)?

I calibrate my procedures on the basis of about 250 ml per 8X10 sheet, or the equivalent, of the 2:2:100 dilution.

And yes, if the slowest speed of your processor is 26 RPM and the film is TMY I think split development might help to cut down on B+f. TMY is one of those films that develops a lot of general stain with fast rotary development with pyro staining developers.

However, there are ways to slow down the rotation of your Jobo so you might also want to look into that for the sake of convenince. I don't use Jobo so can not give any details but maybe someone else will.

Sandy King