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Dear Ryan,

I disagree here. The 'rules' are a good start if you can't think of anything else to do. Then you try them; realize there's a better way of doing it; and take a better picture...




I think a good place to start when making a photograph is just by seeing. The reason I say seeing and not looking is because all to often a photographer is influence by that in which they already know and that in which they have already seen in the past. Therefore, when a photographer goes out looking for photographs, they are only looking for things in which they already know would make a good photograph. In a way, they are just reinforcing what they already know and possibly only recreating what they have already done.

If one just goes out seeing what is around them, not letting any rules or past ideas about things influence their vision, they will discover something that is completely new and visually different from that in which they have done in the past.

You see this problem in the APUG gallery ALOT today. Several photographers made a great photograph in the past, and now their work is all somewhat derived from that one image. Even though they might be creating more good images, they are not learning or seeing anything new. Some people might say they are being "consistant", but I feel many have become stagnate and stuck in a rut with their way of seeing. This can be VERY hard for some photographers to break.