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Reminds me a bit of the Richard Prince "Marlboro Man Ad" prints. Those sold for huge amounts of money not long ago. It is more a personal call on how each of us consider such works, though obviously enough people considered this to be art to make it important (and apparently valuable).

Concept or process . . . just read a bit about Jeff Koons and what some people consider to be art is really blurred. I have trouble with some concensus views, though art is often about breaking boundaries and defying conventions or accepted viewpoints. Unfortunately it is not as simple as a bunch of us getting together and defining art by mob rule.


Gordon Moat
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Nicely said, Gordon.

Funny thing is, Richard Prince's Marlboro Man photograph, just about a year ago, was one of the highest selling photographs on auction ever in history, selling for $1,248,000. It was an appropriated image from a Marlboro advertisement.
Image- http://towleroad.typepad.com/photos/...hardprince.jpg