Ryan, Di Vinci used oils and canvas to paint what he saw. He did not just make a photocopy and title it After"XYZ". His work was not an EXACT DUPLICATE of the original! You cannot compare the two. Those painters created something from themselves, with their hand, on a canvas with mixing on the pallet and applying the paint to the canvas with their skill and talent. Da Vinci and Piasco was not appropriating anything, they were simply using reference material to create their masterpieces.

DaVincis work are called masterpieces, Levine are out right copies period. You really got this one wrong here.

We photograph the natural landscape of this earth that God created. Are we just appropriating and stealing what he has done?
We go out and find the scene and capture it. A scene that would have never been seen by another. Levinne goes to a store, buys a poster of someone else's works and make a photo of it. A direct copy.

You cannot compare the two no matter how hard you try or what type of spin you put on it. She is nothing more than a fraud and a copycat in the worst instant.

So with this line of thinking, I could then go around and copy anyone images that I wanted to, put a new meaning to it, what ever BS I wanted to say and sell it in galleries and not give the original artist one red cent. But of course I would give them credit.

This is not art, nothing is being created, only images that are stolen. I really pity the future of art and the art educational institution with what they call art in todays world.