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I think the fact that Levine used such extremely WELL RECOGNIZED images proves that her intention was NOT to take credit for the aesthetic merits of those works in question. And this is the crux of the whole argument, as presented, against Levine. And this is the core of the matter as far as copyright legislation goes, too. I welcome anyone to try to counter this argument - but I doubt you'll get very far.

That is exactly what I said above. Levine is making no attempt to hide the fact that she is appropriating the images. Clearly her "art" and artist voice stand alone in the statement she is trying to express by doing this, and not in the actual photograph. She has not only appropriated photographs, but also sculptures, including Dushamp's "Fountain", which also caused alot of controversy by placing a urinal in the gallery space in 1917 and calling it art. Levine recreated the same uninal in polished bronze.