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Well - I'm really not sure what you mean, Kevin. You're pointing the finger at Levine and accusing her of ripping off someone else - when, in fact - she is doing QUITE the opposite (except on the most superficial of all levels-you'd have to be a PRETTY shallow person to even START to think she's trying to ride on Walker Evans, or others' coattails). You have the nerve to make a moral judgement against Levine - but looking at your own 'work' - all I see is ansel adams books. Let's be a little bit honest here, please. I am only asking you to take responsibility for you (irresponsible) invective. If you're going to level a moral judgement on something you'd better be careful to have a clean slate yourself, it seems to me.
I call it as I see it. I go to a place, see something I like and photograph it. She goes to a store, buys a poster and copies it then puts it on display. I got my morals in check thank you very much. I don't believe stealing is art period and I am standing by what I said.

And at the same time I do respect your opinions and have no ill will towards you for the negative comments towards me.