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Try looking at your image on this site: http://photoinf.com/Golden_Mean/photo-adjuster.html. I think you will find your attached image follows the Golden Mean a lot closer than you realize.

I agree with Roger, however, I don't like refer to them as "rules", I would prefer to think of them as "principles". The "Rule of Thirds" is just one, there are others. Most of these have been known from ancient Greek times, and have stood the test of time, simply because it brings about order, which the human mind seems to crave. Just like without realizing it your image follows the Golden Mean.
That is really quite interesting. I've never seen or even heard of the "golden mean", but according to the little lines it drew on my image, I guess it fits.

I will tell you why I settled on that exact composition, and it was not because of any rules. I think what originally caught my eye was the visual relationship between the circle and star, and the circle with the line, however after looking through the camera, I realized there was much more to the image then that. If I had moved the camera even 1mm down, I would have lost those three screws in the top right corner, along with the little 45 degree angle in that corner and cropping into the circle of the star. If I had moved the camera up a hair, I would have cropped into that hindge in the bottom left corner, and I did not want that. If the camera was pointed anymore to the right, I would have cropped that one screw that is right in the center of the image on the left edge of the print, and I did not want that. Moving the camera to the left would have removed the two shapes that exist in both the top and bottom right corners.

So, these are the reason of composition on why this picture had to be EXACTLY this. I was not being influence by any rules or golden means, but rather just the act of looking through the camera's ground glass and seeing what was there. With any scene, there is endless possiblities, but for me...this was the exact photograph I wanted to create.