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Sandy, I like TMY's response curve characteristics and find them very useful. I was just obliquely commenting on the fact that some users have stated that they are bothered by the straight line response characteristics of TMY.

I have encountered critical comments like "artificial looking" and "needs filtration." I'm sure it greatly depends on individual tastes and artistic vision - but I like it as it is.
OK, thanks for the clarification.

Another thing about TMY is that it is very responsive to changes in time of development, which is of course one of the reasons it is so good for expansion and contraction development. I suspect that the reason many people prefer films such as TRIX-320 and HP5+ is because they have such a wide latitude in time development so it is hard to make a really huge error. But for my money when you nail down development time for TMY it gives outstanding results and is much more versatile than other high speed films. Just too bad we can not get it in ULF size.