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I plan on trying Don's PPPD developer this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on mixing and using this developer. Has there been any success in splitting the developer into two parts for a longer shelf life? Also, was anyone able to get a longer tray life out of it by adding any additional chemicals? I havn't mixed up the solution yet, so any advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Yes, I split Don's PPPD into individual Propylene Glycol stock solutions about 2 months ago. The stock solutions remain very stable, and working developer tray life is good.

I have been comparing 8x10 Azo Contact prints developed in Ansco 130, PPPD, Ascorbate/Phenidone paper developer and Amidol. I will probably do some Azo/Amidol this weekend. Take a look at this APUG thread: