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George Tice's platinum prints are made by Salto in Belgium. My wife, Paula Chamlee and I had platinum prints made by Salto and we introduced George to them. Salto also printed the book of George Tice's that we published. And we will be publishing another one. With it, we will be offering a special edition with a platinum print priced at 1/2 of the minimum that George's platinum prints go for--along with a slipcased signed and numbered book Full information will be posted soon at www.lodimapress.com.

The platinum prints. First, an original negative is scanned. Then 5 enlarged digital neagtives are made. The paper is double or triple coated and the neagtives are printed in register. The results are astounding. Salto has to be the best platinum printer in the world. I have had prints made from my 8x20 negatives one meter wide (15 x 39). Paula's prints are from 8x10 negatives and are 29 x 23 and are printed on handmade Taizan Japanese paper. These platinum prints are rich--black densities go to just over 2.0.

The team, a very small group of very dedicated people, at Salto is fantastic and they are fanatical about quality. We have them print our books. The only do 600-line screen quadtone. No other printer can do 600-line screen. Stochastic printing is not quite as fine. Their platinum printing atelier is amazing. They also have carbon printing, tri-color carbro, and dye-transfer ateliers, and in the past have done photogravure, though I do not think they are doing that at this time.

Because they are a very small team, their weak point is responding promptly. If anyone is interested in working with them, please contact me and I will intercede for you. One word of warning: they are expensive, but worth it if you care about the highest quality.