A bit long, but please read (question is in bold):

I made my first batch of prints from the ARISTA.EDU paper today, switching from AGFA multicontrast. Although I developed the paper in Neutol WA, it retained a very neutral image tone, contrary to the AGFA paper, which had a mild warm black that I really like.

Now you may be asking, why did I switch from the AGFA paper if I like it so much? A variety of reasons, money being the main one. I decided to drop Adorama as my main source of material after I had a few problems with them, ranging from darkroom trays not matching the description, to them shipping a 125ml bottle of Rodinal instead of a 1250ml bottle of Neutol WA. The latter problem was fixed, but it cost me a week of printing (I run a tight schedule, and have little free time to print). I then discovered Freestyle, which has proved cheaper on many items, and has cheaper shipping as well.

Unfortunately, 11x14 AGFA paper is more expensive at Freestyle than Adorama, and twice as much as the 11x14 .EDU paper. Being as short on cash as I am, the .EDU paper was the obvious choice.

But now I'm back to a neutral tone paper...

So here's my question: What can I do to get a warmer tone out of this paper, which I believe is the same as Forte fiber (but not Forte Warm, or Elegance)? Soon I will have to buy more developer, and I'm considering LPD for it's low cost (7 bucks for a gallon) and long life.

I've looked at toners, and they are out of the question. Most require Potassium Ferracyanide, a chemical that will never enter my darkroom, and none make sense in an economical point of view.

So I'm left with developers and whatever else I haven't thought of yet. I'm totally opposed to mixing my own developer, but would much rather buy the powder ready to go. Does LPD give a warmer tone than Neutol WA? Is there Photog's Formulary alternative? PF 130? PF 106?

Overall I'm pleased with the .EDU paper, and the way things are going, Forte paper will be around longer than AGFA, making Forte, JandC, and .EDU good options if I want to standardize on paper.

Thanks in advance for the help,