I finally received my 36 inch bulbs today, made on a special run by Voltarc through Universal Light Source (San Fran) http://www.ulsi.net/products.htm

I dealt with Doug who patiently helped me acquire these. I just placed them in my box and presto, they all went on. They are actinic types. I tried a VDB with a pyro Neg, medium density and it looked close at 17 minutes, though another 3-5 would have been ideal.

FWIW, the first bulbs I ordered from Light BUlb Depot were crap, and were the chinese made BLB's and only 4, sometimes 6 actually even lit up. That had me wasting time (kinda) checking all the wiring etc.

It was a pain to deal with them in getting returned (waiting for "authorization") and then a while to get the refund.
The good thing is they did not charge me for a restock fee or for any shipping-but, a pain.

No one had 36" bulbs (except the BLB's Chinese brand) and that was only LightBulbDepot.

Thanks to Doug at Universal and Voltarc for having a low quantity special run.

I paid $15 per 36" bulb. Not cheap, but no choices (They were actually cheaper than the BLB's from LBD).

I dunno what shipping is yet..(gulp).

But, it's done, it's over and now I can say "good bye sun, you inconsistent thang you...."