What you have documented here is pretty much what I currently use. I have homemade BTZS tubes, using Pyrocat-HD (1:1:100) on FP4 5x4 sheets. I use ISO 80 (but still need to redo my personal film speed test with Pyrocat) and print on Ilford papers for now. My standard dev time is 8mins @20c. Negs are wonderful.

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I will be using Ilford FP4+ in 4x5 sheets.
.....ISO=100 for Ilford FP4+
Pyrocat HD 1:1:100
I am aiming to print on Ilford MGVI RC and Fiber.
Beginning with a presoak of 2 minutes
Temperature is at 70 degrees(F)

N-1 5:30
N 8 to 8:30
N+1 15:00
No stop bath. Use water instead

Kodak Rapid Fix for 5+ minutes

First, How does everyone pre-soak with the BTZS tubes?
My presoak technique consists of filling a spare cap (150ml approx) with dist water and substituting it in darkness onto the tube. I shake the tube vigourously for 30 seconds and then place in the tray, rotating it by spinning gently every 5 seconds for 1 second. This allows me to do a cycle on 4 tubes and keeps a constant agitation. Tubes are just stopping by the time I return to them. Initially I start each tube 30 sec apart so I have time to drain and put on caps full of developer before the next tube is ready.

Some advice from my experiences.
Number your tubes to help when the lights are on
Don't mix dev times in the same batch i.e N and N+1 as you WILL loose the batch rhythm.
Keep neg handling in tubes to a minimum. Anti halation dyes come out in the pre rinse, any left over (rare) comes out in the fix.

I use stop bath because I have it. I fix under low light in trays

Good luck