if you can filnd it ( it I understand is still being made - for B&W cinema ) Eastman 5302 is just the ticket. I found a 100' can at a camera show on the weekend, for $5, but researching, it is now too much more than $20 new.

I am planning to use it for unsharp masking stock, and for that it works great. It is ortho, and I just contact print it with the negative under the light of the enlarger. If I put it emulsion to emulsion, and with no local duffuser I would have a slide. As it is I go non-emusion to non-emulsion, and have a sheet of tracing paper on top to make the unsharp mask.

It develops in the same print developer that I have open that made me want to make the USM in the printing session in the first place. It can also be developed in d-76 or lith develper to get different resuts.

Prior to this when I wanted to USM, I would do it on Kodalith, and then pour out a very low activity developer it its own tray, then toss it because it oxidises easily.