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try super platiumun at 1:15. it is amazing when compared to other "warm tone"
I have never heard of this developer, where could I get it? Or are you talking about the alternative process platinum? The latter would not apply to my work, for it requires contact printing, and I shoot 6x6.

I don't currently have LPD, but might buy it to replace the Neutol WA when the latter runs out. I've heard of dillutions up to 1:8, so it might be an alternative.


The 15% bromide sounds like a good option. Do you know where I could purchase it from (online retailer)? How would I go about mixing that with a developer? If I get the LPD in powder form, would I do 15% of the weight before water, or do I mix the bromide in water and add to the already liquid developer?

If I were to get LPD, could I add the bromide to a 1:6 or 1:8 solution? What would the drawback be (besides longer exposure to compensate for the weaker developer)?

The exposure-development trick might come in handy, but with these particular prints I need all the contrast I can get (thin negs...).

Thank you for your help, Les.


The reason I don't buy warmtone papers is the same for which I dropped AGFA... price. 50 11x14 sheets of polywarmtone run at about 60 bucks, the .EDU paper is about 30. It just doesn't compare, economically speaking.
I know that judging my materials by the price tag isn't ideal, but I haven't much choice at this point.

Thanks for the suggestion, though, and thanks for your kind words about my work.

Thanks to everyone who is helping out, I trully appeciate it.