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Just bought a contact printer and there is only room on it for 6 strips, when I get 7 out of every roll so how is this any use?

Now answer to OP question: I have 120 film printer which can make contact print of 6x6 frames on one sheet of 20x25cm (8x10in) paper. But I use 6x7 camera, and my printer can not make contact print of whole film on one sheet of paper. My solution for that is to make as many frames as can on one sheet, and then tear second sheet of paper to make rest of frames.

So, in your case, you use one sheet of paper for 6 strips, take second sheet of paper, tear enough to make contact print of 7th strip, and rest of second sheet of paper return to paper box, and use next time when you need to tear paper againg for 7th strip. You can use one box specially for keeping teared paper, and thus avoid mixing with not teared papers... That means two exposings for one film contact print, one for 6 strips with 6 frames on one sheet of paper, second for rest of film on teared paper (or of course other combinations you find appropriate for you).

Or, if it is too much hassle for you, see my previous post and other people advices...