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I can understand the rationale behind using the BTZS system for platinum. I agree that it gives you the control that you would want for alt. processes. Well, untill someone comes up wih VC platinum :-) Anyways, I think JDEF best stated what I was trying to say. I am quite happy with my method of working. Honestly, I was just trying to figure out everyone's excitement lately with BTZS. In my mind it is more than is needed with vc papers.

Thanks for putting up with me!
Actually Phil, I consider pt/pd the first VC process ever. You can vary the contrast, and now with with Sodium platinate even to a greater degree than before. IMO is best to shoot for a perfect negative and then use the alternatives to fine tune. The problem with the BTZS is that it is a very simple method that requires to read a book that can be boring to read and follow. In my case, since I have stated using the BTZS I have done far less testing than I did with the ZS. Also the testing is far easier than the one for the ZS.