Andre, I take it the potassium ferricyanide was used to clean the metal plates and such at the newspaper. Quick note on that, they mix that soultion using acid. Yes it will be corrsive then. Mixed in water it is not corrosive. what the hazard is of potassium ferricyanide that is mentioned in the msds sheets is the powedered cyrstal form. If you breath it, it will cause lung problems. Just don't sniff it. As for being corrisve, you are not mixing it with acid, and the minute amounts you will be using you can spill on your hand and not be burnt at all. You just don't want to get it on you and possibly ingest it by picking up something to eat while it is on your hand. It all comes down to common sense, and real knowledge of what you are working with. gloves and good ventilation should be used at all times no matter what chemical. There are many items out there that we work with around the house that are far worse than the photo chemicals we use. Laundry bleach, Household cleanser, paint, Dr. Pepper and many more. Educate yourself on the full information about the product and don't fear it.