Hey guys,

I'll be traveling to Brazil this summer with my church to assist in a medical mission trip. We will be staying in San Paulo. I've been told by locals and read on the internet that it is a fairly dangerous location. Theft, murder, and other crimes are common.

Because of this, I am looking for a very compact 35mm camera. I'll list some criteria that I feel that is important, but not necessary. If you could please point me to a camera that fits the bill, I would greatly appreciate it.

- Compact. Preferably pocket sized. For the most part, range finders have extruding lenses correct? Is a "normal" 35mm camera a better choice?
- Built in metering.
- Cheap! Just in case it is stolen, I don't want to be too heart broken

Well, I guess that's about it. I'm not familiar with rangefinders, other than the fact that they are compact and quiet. Is this a good choice to take with me, or is a regular 35mm camera a better choice?



BTW, I've been considering a toy Lomo/Holga too and perhaps a small digital point and shoot.