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Your scans weren't attached, Patrick.

How did the negatives perform, photographically? Do you have a sense of curve shapes yet? I've had nice results with my equipment and techniques with metol-based concoctions lately so this caught my attention.

Thanks again for your energy and expertise in these matters!
My attachments got attached to the end of the superadditivity thread started some time ago by PE. My bad. You can see them there.

I like the results very well. Metol-ascorbate has a little advantage over phenidone-ascorbate in that Metol has more tanning action. The relief effect seems to make edges a little different due to the diffraction. I have done essentially this same thing using phenidone, but cannot dissolve 0.05 moles of it. 0.01 moles, 1.62 grams, of phenidone substituted for the Metol is quite potent, however. Only half the hydroxide is required since phenidone has no attached acid molecule.