I am a huge proponent of the XA, (currently have 2 XAs and an XA2 in the house) but ... an even less expensive alternative is the Konica C35. It is totally automatic (programmed exposure), and not as versatile as the XA, but it has a stellar lens. In some respects/situations I like how the lens draws a bit better than the XA. In my experience, buying an XA on eBay is a bit of a crap shoot. They are old cameras, and even if it is operable when you get it, how co you know it will be fine throughout your trip to Brazil? The film wind can wear out before other parts, and the electronics are not replaceable as modules; you would have to have a tech who could do component level troubleshooting and repair. A good CLA will cost about $100 with shipping.

The Konica is a bit simpler in design and construction because it is not as small. But it is small enough to fit in a jeans pocket. Plus, the viewfinder of the C35 is bigger and the patch is, in certain light, easier to see.

Either camera is great, it's just that the Konica doesn't get as much "good press".