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Ryan I only started doing my personal photography in 1998 and none of it appeared on my website, which was dedicated to my advertising work, until several years later, I imagine a similar situation might be the case with those you mention. It should not be surprising though that many who have spent years with photography as their full time occupation may also have some ability in other areas of it. Many other photographers that I know who shot commercially for editorial or advertising, also had excellent personal work portfolios.
Consider the example of Sam Abell, who, for all those years shooting color NatGeo spreads since the 1960's, was also shooting his own B&W work quietly and in parallel for year after year after year, never showing it until recently.

Heck, if a potential customer knew the wedding shooter (or commercial shooter) they were considering could be shown an example of his work in a "fine art" magazine like B&W... that might drive sales far more substantial than what collector markets could drive alone. Does Alec Soth's work invalidate itself because he shoots for W or Paris Vogue or whatever? I doubt it. Taryn Simon? Mark Leong? Nope and nope.... Avedon or Arbus? Do we readily dismiss Steichen because he produced (the first) cardboard-stock photo books for babies?