I am sure we are going to get into the Ford vs Chevy thing here, but for what it's worth I really enjoy using Agfa RC MG paper. I find the blacks to my liking and the tonal range suits my style. I have been using it for about 5 years after getting disappointed with Ilford products (RC that is). I really loved the "mood" of the Ilford fiber papers that didn't seem to come across in the RC stuff. Not having to use fiber print dryers, curling prints etc was enough of an advantage for me to go to RC.

Now that I am doing mainly LF I might give the fiber base papers another go, although I love the split printing in MG. Pardon my ignorance but do they have MG in fiber papers these days?

IN any event here is the link to the data sheet for the Agfa product. I also use the Agfa chemistry.