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In a recent move I broke most of my BLB(black light) lights. I've used the BLB's for a couple years now and wonder what lights others are using and why. The white lights are way cheaper than the BLB's. I print in many different processes but plan to concentrate on Ziatype for now. I'm also thinking about getting an HID unit and wonder if its a better option? I will be printing up to 11X14. Thanks.

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Hello Shinn.

I query your idea of BLB. You say thay are black light which is not as I understand. A BLACK LIGHT is usually designated by BL not BLB which is black light BLUE.
The BL bulbs emit enough UV light that requires relitively short exposures, whereas, BLB bulbs emit less UV. The BLB bulbs are also more expensive.
Do you have any other ideas? Thanks Stan. L-B.