Group4 you're prints are done. Just finished toning them, will dry and flatten them over the next couple of days and get them posted out by the end of the week. Sorry it has taken so long, another dog in the house really does eat into your time let alone slippers and everything else!!!

Art, already said, love the colour polaroid, great subject and beautiful colours.

George, my what a big print and brilliantly chosen subject, encompasses all pinhole strong points: dof, motion, being in the scene. Great.

Kobin, great picture of your hometown. If the car wasn't there it could have been a century ago.

One question, how much cropping did anyone do? I have a lot of light fall off with my 50mm 5x4 f140 pinhole as you will see when my prints finally get to you. Mind you my sheets were dreadfully underexposed and over developed. Interesting printing...

50mm f140 5x4 Pinhole
Ilford fp4+
Semi-stand: 1hr - Rodinal 1:100

Ilford MGIV FB Matt, Agfa Neutol
Split toned in Sepia and Selenium

Comments please. Thanks, Andrew