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Mike, how do you like the New York Portfolio? I noticed that my account had the amount taken out so I will be getting it pretty soon. Is the "Seventy Photographs" book of value? I have been buying books lately and it's getting to be more expensive than photography so the book business must be surviving. I got a copy of Walker Evans and some Strand and Weston, both, Modotti etc. Iv'e got to break out and do some of my own. But what you can learn from these books is priceless isn't it?
I'm just opening it right now. I wanted to see the Cole Weston because I had never seen his book before. Then I got distracted by the Charis Wilson essay in "EW:100."

Generally I get anything sent by Michael and Paula the next day even when it's UPS ground. So, depending on how far west you are, you should get it soon.