Okay, latest update. I will pick up Thomas at 4:45am. Get to St. Cloud for around 6am. We will go into IHOP, eat, and be on our way no later than 06:30am so we get some decent light. I am not sure on the weather either, but I figured we go rain or shine, as you never know when it will break if its bad. After the visit to Quarry Park, we can also venture East towards Princeton as there is the Rum River, and some nice farm homesteads around that area. We will certainly have some options is what I am getting at. It's your choice for lunch, either brown bag it or we can eat out.

So far I have Thomas confirmed, George (my friend) confirmed, MattK confirmed. I pinged Zenrhino to see if they are still going. Will follow up on that.

Without stating the bleeding obvious, bring your camera(s), plenty of film, and batteries (if required), be prepared for bad weather, maybe some sunscreen, water, and your creativity! See you Sunday morning!