Allright that makes 2 people in the sacramento area!

Sacramento does have hot summers, and they are especially unfriendly to photographers.. cloudless skys for 3-4 months straight, and contrast-reducing smog/haze. I allways look east and see huge banks of clouds over the sierra nevadas, but im unsure how far away they are. If they are in the nearby foothills or more torward the peaks of tahoe. Either way, i wish i spent my summers there.

However winters are quite enjoyable. It's not nearly as wet as Oregon and Washington. Its only cold for 2 months... december and january.

Sacramento has quite a bit of historical sites. And while it does not have the granduer of other places, it is diving distance to San Francisco, redwoods, Big Sur, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Shasta, ghost towns (Bodie!), Santa Cruz, Monterey, Malkoff Diggings, Death Valley, Mono Lake, Alcatraz, Point Reyes, and the list goes on..