That mention of hydroquinone may be my fault. I commented in several places that hydroquinone is a staining developer when used with very low or no sulfite, and that is true, but it is not Pyrocat-HD even when you substitute amount for amount of catechol.

Hydroquinone and catechol (aka pyrocatechin) are first cousins, having the same empirical formula but different placement of one of the OH groups. The color of the stain image is different.

If View Camera actually called the hydroquinone formula Pyrocat-HD or any other kind of Pyrocat, it was irresponsible research on their part. Pyrogallol, catechol and hydroquinone all belong to the hydroxy benzene category of tanning-staining developers, but all are different in several ways.

Where did the idea come from that large grain is inevitably synonymous with apparent sharpness? T'aint necessarilly so. Large grain can also result from infectious development, which can destroy resolving power. Highly alkaline developers containing the hydroxy benzines and little or no sulfite can show infectious development. I have not seen evidence of it in ascorbate developers that I have used.