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Thanks for an incredible 'heads up'.

As soon as I can persuade them to let me in, I'M THERE!



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They might need to make it a museum, then once a year we can have an apug pilgrimage to the site

I hope someone can post more pics.
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Roger if you go im going too... I would love to shoot some Still Lifes.... Then use the money from the sell of the prints to keep the museum open... Talk about getting some good shots... I am seriously considering trying to get in touch with these people to go see this place.... maybe even volunteer my time to help out.... More pictures would be awesome... too.... If I hear anymore about this I will post it here...

Now lets be careful here. We cannot all "descend" on the place en masse. Elsewise they'll have to do to this DR what they do with the Lauscaux (sp?) Cave and create a "re-creation" for visitors!

I agree with Roger going in first. A picture of him at the chair will look contemporary to 1855!

Great find, great fun - what a treat. Do you think that 150 years from now they'll find a "preserved lightroom" containing a PC loaded with PS?