Buying the ready to roll Polaroid back for the Holga seemed disproportionately costly to a friend. I agreed and ran a Super Shooter or similar thru a band saw & amputated the Polaroid back.

After a few attempts to visualize how it could possibly be made to mount at the proper focal plane for the existing precision optical lens :O), I concluded
either I hacked the wrong model of camera or Polaroid actually made a custom back for the Holga...kind of hard to believe, but that would explain the cost.

I then rationalized that we could possibly do it for macro work with a new implied working focal range. Then I decided next time the shutter craps out, PINHolgaroid would be the easiest solution to this headache, as the focal length/image distance would be less critical and a pinhole could be selected afterward to match.

Has anyone looked at the Holgaroid back closely enough to tell if it's custom for Holga or do I need to fire up the bandsaw again and visit another flea market?

Incidentally, the bandsaw worked much better than the last one I did with a Dremel cutoff wheel (right tool for the job makes things easier, eh?)