Roger Hicks:
We are all born artists.

Roger, think twice.

D. Miller
… working in traditional photography.

This statement disqualify you as an artist. The way of thinking is in question. (There is no traditional photography, I think you are pointing on art…).

What defines artistic output?

Artist is a guy that makes nearly perfect work with a great easiness (to other it takes very long time). What is very important (today) as a part of his (artist's) work to emphase is also his deep concentration while work, concentration by instinct not command. Connect this statement with my fist (... disqualify ...) statement.

We are different than trees or whatever in Nature. Human as a clone can be compared to events in Nature.

What you make is a simple illustration or art no one can say now, but the best judge are your friends artists, which you will find in internet 1 of 99999999999999999999999 cases.