Mine has been pretty good to me. I haven't owned it long enough to have a real opinion on reliability, but it went with me to Europe a couple years back with no trouble. The 5 segment metering is adequate but lacks a lot of vertical patterns, so you may want to be careful if you do that a lot. I haven't had any problems with battery life, with or without the MD-15 (which overrides the camera's battery). The shutter has one manual speed, 1/250th if memory serves... yup, also B. The main annoyances I've had is that the stop down lever and self timer are awkward to reach with the MD-15 attached, there's no AE-lock, and I hate manual exposure on Nikons with LCD +/- indicators. In practice I only really notice the last one (mostly when using my 35 PC) and it's not that big a deal, and I appreciate the autoexposure modes. I also have a slightly easier time seeing the LCD with my glasses on than I do on my F3HP. A good little camera.