I have a lab do most of my Holga rolls. I usually ask for develop only and I'll just get the decent ones printed (I scan the negs to see what works). B&W I can do myself, but I put expired color film through it, too.
The one thing I usually have to remember is to warn the guys at the shop. The last time I took a roll in, I forgot to mention it was from a Holga. When I picked it up, the guy looked me kinda sheepishly and said, "Well, we think there might have been a problem with this roll. We're not sure if it was our fault or if there might be something wrong with your camera? There was a lot of vignetting and what look like light leaks." I chuckled and told him it was from a Holga. I had to explain what it was (he'd sorta heard of them, but never seen shots from one), then he was amused.